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What is ifotus?

For image lovers

Ifotus is a simple and economical way to acquire printed high quality images at an affordable price, with a wide range of possible measures and print media.

Ifotus is for passionate about image and decoration, buyers of art reproductions and photography who want to customize their orders by selecting measures and materials.

For image creators

Ifotus is for artists, painters, photographers and other graphic artists, the ideal platform to sell their work printed in a simple and direct way, both through ifotus and through their own website, where ifotus can be fully integrated.

If you are an artist of image and want to know more about ifotus and its possibilities, contact us in info@ifotus.com

Know How

Ifotus is an initiative of Manual Color (MC Equipo Professional, SL) a professional photo lab with over 30 years of history.

Manual Color is a company specializing in photo printing and high quality digital printing on both rigid and flexible materials.


Quality and care

We are aware that the satisfaction of our customers depends largely on the team that we have at your service.

In Manual Color we offer a complete service and expert care of images from the start. The guarantee of a good finish is to procure a flawless start, to prepare images best possible way so that the end result is unbeatable.

The quality reproduction of an image is our maximum. We put passion and common sense in everything we do. We were born and raised in the world of image and color.

Our facilities are located in Barcelona and are equipped with the latest technology. Manual Color is committed to its customers to maintain and update their equipment to ensure proper printing of your images.

Manual Color is also committed to meticulous care in packing and shipping images to destination.