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How it works

The process is very simple.

- Find the photo you're looking for

  • You can use our search engine by introducing a concept that defines what you are looking for. All our images are associated with labels for easy reference.
  • Or access the website of the photographer / artist and browse their galleries to find the photo that matches what you're looking for.

  • - Choose the size

  • All images have different print sizes given by the artist himself. You may not find the size you want, or prefer a different size than those proposed. If you want measures other than those shown, just send an email to info@ifotus.com indicating the name of the image, the artist's name to which it belongs and the size you want. We will answer whether or not we print the image to the size you are indicating to us (at times, especially for very large formats, the picture may not have sufficient resolution) and its price.
  • Each image size has an associated price. This price is the price for the rights of image reproduction. At this price will be added the cost of the materials chosen for printing in the next step.

  • - Choose the media

  • The images can be printed in many different materials. For each of the media options, you can view sample images and expanded information on their properties by clicking the "+ info" link.
  • Each artist chooses the materials on which his work can be printed, so you may not find the media you want, but you'll find other options to choose from. If you want the image to be printed on a particular material that is not available, just send an email to info@ifotus.com indicating the name of the image, the artist's name and description of what you're looking for.

  • - Set the media

  • For each media we offer multiple options for maximum customization of your order: thickness of the media, further finishings, rear frame, laminated ...
  • If you want us to apply additional finish is not on the options chosen support, just send an email to info@ifotus.com with the details of what you want.
  • You will see the price per square meter per unit or per meter. Do not worry, there is no need to do calculations. Each time you choose a setting, the page will refresh and in the top right, under "Your Order" you will be watching the price charged to each finished print in the measure chosen.

  • - Confirm your order

  • We will request a minimum amount of information in order to process your order. Name, email and telephone, so we can inform you about the status of your order and to call if necessary. Your data will be treated strictly confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties under any circumstances.
  • You can choose to go to pick the order at the offices of Manual Color. In this case, you do not have to give us any more data.
  • If you wish to send your order, we need you to provide us the necessary data. In the order will be charged the shipping price.
  • You can also request an invoice. Fill in the data you request and receive via email after sending your order.

  • - Make payment

  • You can make a bank transfer to the bank account shown, indicating the order number.
  • You can also use the PayPal payment gateway. It is not necessary to be registered with PayPal to make payments via this system. PayPal offers the possibility of paying without being registered.

  • - Receive or pick up your order

  • If you have any problems during the process, if you see that after more than 7 days you have not received anything, if the order comes to you defective or has not arrived as expected, do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible. You can send an email to info@ifotus.com and we will contact you as soon as possible to solve any problem with your order.